Kids Bedroom Ideas You’ll Both Love

Kids Bedroom Ideas You’ll Both Love

17th Nov 2019

The jewel of the sky is the sun, the jewel of the house is the child.

Having a child is a wonderful experience. Every parent wants the very best for their kids – a loving and safe environment, healthy lifestyle, good education and a fun, memorable childhood . Whether boy or girl, toddler or teenit’s important to provide a safe and secure environment. A child’s overall development depends on a parent’s attention to these details. A functional and creative bedroom is a great place to start.

Your home is the first learning center for your child. A fun, imaginative kid’s bedroom will help to shape your child’s personality and disposition. A bedroom that is designed to make your child feel comfortable and safe will support their feeling of security and well-being. A child’s room is their personal haven. Allowing them to participate in the design of the room helps develop confidence, planning and organizational skills, creativity and cooperation.

Once you’ve decided to start this project here are some unique ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Patterns & Textures:Unleash your imagination with bold combinations of patterns, colors and textures. Teens especially love adding their favorite color choices to their own personal space. Adding accent pillows, valances and artwork brings personality to a fun room.                             

Themes and Characters : Almost every child has their favorite TV or storybook character. You can put together a room filled wall-to-wall with Spiderman or Hello Kitty or you can start with a neutral template and add touches of their beloved hero by using artwork, bedding and accessories. Just keep in mind that kid’s tastes change from day to day!

Naturally Neutral: Todays designers are using neutral palettes throughout home interior decorating. From nursery to young adult bedrooms, soft hues of tans, grays and whites bring a clean, calming effect to your room.


Black is Back : The once avoided color is now a favorite among pre-teen and teens. Parents usually cringe at the thought of doing a bedroom with black as a base color but you can add brightness in the space with pops of color and patterns. Rock and Roll themes work well with this color palette.


Simple Yet Playful : A child’s room should be interactive and playful. A fun room of color and creativity can help develop early stage learning skills. Keeping it simple allows space for play and growth. Adding furniture pieces as a child grows is a practical solution to expanding their special space overtime.

Room for Two : It’s always a plus to have extra sleeping space in a child’s room. Whether for family or friends, bunk beds, daybeds and trundle beds offer the extra room you need for sleepovers. A daybed not only serves as a place to sleep but during the day, a couch type lounge for hanging out with friends.         

So go ahead, get started! Make this makeover project an exciting time to work together with your child and teach them some valuable lifelong lessons.

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