Lake House Full Size Loft with Desk

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The loft comes as a full upper bed and features a modular dresser end with integrated shelving. You can choose to use the area under the loft as a grand office with the addition of an integrated desk (AS SHOWN) or add more sleeping space with the addition of a full size lower bed. If you simply need more space, you can leave the space under the loft open. Available in White or Stone.

The Lake House loft: Style, Storage and Function.

Ful Loft Dimensions: 82.5”l x 58”w x 70”h 

  • The loft comes as a Twin or Full upper bed.
  • The Loft meets or exceeds all standards set by the CPSC and ASTM. 
  • Hand crafted using Solid Eastern US Poplar and veneers over engineered wood, this bed is available in either White or Stone finishes.
  • The Twin Loft features a 4 drawer chest end; the Full Loft features a 6 drawer dresser end.
  • The ladder and chest/dresser ends are completely modular and can be positioned on either the right or left side of the front rail. 
  • Heavy-duty metal bolt-through side rail connection system for extra safety.
  • The Loft is mattress ready with a complete plywood slat roll foundation system. The longitudinal strength of plywood makes it the ideal product for providing a lifetime of dependable support for all mattresses and mattress systems. The mattress used on the top bed should not exceed 8” in height. 
  • The loft has the option of a desk (as shown) or lower bed.