Madison 7 Drawer Dresser

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The Madison Collection offers many pieces of complementary pieces to create the perfect set for your child's or guest bedroom. The Seven Drawer Dresser is one of four dresser sizes/styles available in the collection. There are over 30 paint and stain finishes available. BP Kids Furniture is hand-built in Southern California and is made of all wood materials and high grade hardware that is designed to last for many, many years to come!

Dimensions: 54"W x 18"D x 34"H

  • 6 Drawer Dresser  $759  48"W x 18"D x 31"H
  • 6 Large Drawer Dresser  $799  54"W x 18"D x 34"H
  • 7 Drawer Dresser  $799  54"W x 18"D x 34"H
  • 9 Drawer Jumbo Dresser  $999  

(Mirror not available)

The BP Kids Fine Furniture is hand built in Los Angeles, California using all wood materials, heavy-duty hardware and customized details.

Call Customer Service for helpful answers to your questions, to customize your bedroom furniture or order by phone today! (949)544-5244.